So voxel farm is something that we are strongly considering getting for our world building, however I do have a few questions before I were to otherwise invest.
  1. Since we are doing a lot of prototyping in blueprint, I'd would like to know if it would be possible to prototype anything you could otherwise do in c++ in blueprint as well ? 
  2. I saw a different thread on level streaming, which seem like as its not actually officially supported, so having a much larger world is possible, but what about physics. im guessing that would still be 32bit so not possible to do outside the 10km or so range ?
  3. As for level streaming, if I were to use a mix of voxels and staticmeshes for objects in the world, would I have to use level streaming, somehow to achieve that so I woudnt have every single object loaded constantly ?
  4. Is it possible to have different min/max resolution voxels for different objects - like lets say I wanted players to be able to design their own weapons, this would most likely require the voxels to be smaller, where as the landscape would have larger voxels, for performance sake ?
  5. And then there's the payment options - it says you pay for a year or so, is that to be able to use the tools, so after a year has passed and if I weren't to renew, I wouldn't be able to actually use the plugin and the studio after that or is it to get access to further updates ?
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1- Only a subset of the functionality available to C++ is exposed to blueprints. This may be enough for your goals, for instance, all of our demos and videos from UE4 do not use custom C++ code, it is all blueprints

2- We have not tested this with level streaming. We have created scenes much larger than 10km using Voxel Farm content, when 32bit precision starts to break, the application shifts all objects to a new origin so coordinates are again within the 32bit range. 

3- It is not clear what you mean by "having every single object loaded constantly"

4- Yes if you have multiple voxel farm actors.

5- You need an active Voxel Farm license to make and release builds of your game. Also, note there is no DRM in the software.
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Ah thank you 🙂 

- As for 2. How does shifting the origin of the objects work in a multiplayer application? - Would I have to stay within the 32bit limit if I were to go in a multiplayer route ? 

- What I meant on 3. is if I am to create a very large world, and use a mix of both voxel and non-voxel actors, then I wouldnt want to have items loaded into memory which are on the other side of the map - Does voxel farm use its own loading method somehow on that, or would I have to keep track of that myself ?
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