Hi Voxel-Farm,

is it possible that you will develop an standalone multiplayer game in which you can use many voxel tools similar to the engine? There is so much potential, even for people who just want to be creative. It would be so nice.

There was a game with your engine, but the project was closed at that time. Which is still missed by many today.

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Of course its possible. But you need an effort of 1 or more programmers. Games are not easy to be made.
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Brent R Mantel
You're probably talking about Landmark, unless I missed my guess.

It's a shame how that game was handled, the Voxel Farm software was really put to good use there, but sadly they focused on the building and voxel editing component of their game, and not on the RPG elements that would appeal to the larger subset of gamers required to keep the project well funded enough to continue.

Real shame is that the building components they really focused on, was what their community was asking for. Good tech wasted now, unless someone managed to walk away with what's left of Landmark's assets after Daybreak split up. Keeping those well-iterated upon building and editing systems, but still adding a whole RPG on top of it (If they could get combat/pathing AI to keep up with the changes on the terrain) would have yielded a fantastic game that would have appealed to people who are in it for a building game like Minecraft, and to people who are in it for a wide-world RPG with history, depth, and permanent change on their environment.
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