I'm trying to get an idea of what my target audience would look like with my game running minimal setting.

Any idea what the bare minimum hardware requirements are, just to render a minimal low-res scene? Does Voxel Farm run on any of the higher end Intel integrated graphics chips at all?

I understand that performance also depends on scene complexity. 

Also - the blog mentions that a WebGL demo is available in the Showcase section of the website, but I cant find the demo.

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Voxel Farm can run both on smartphones and high-end PCs. Minumum requirements depend on how much information you want to have on screen and other specific aspects of your application. What kind of game are you building? What types of interaction you want between your players and the voxel world?

You can use Voxel Farm in Unreal Engine 4 and Unity5. Through these engines you can run on any GPU, including low end Intel graphics. 

You can see Voxel Farm using WebGL here: http://www.voxelfarm.com/business.html

Note this is a custom WebGL client that is available only for Triple-A licenses. 
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