I'm doing some voxel instancing through code, so I used the SDK to plant the stuff. At some point:



return like 5 millions zeroes. I tried to seed something different to srand but no luck. Anyway, as consequence everything bigger than zero in the decimating attribute of CPlantingRule is full turn off.

1. How to use it properly?
2. Can I patch my noise function there? What will be the license related consequences of that? I do know that patching the SDK is bad, but cases as this one are really bothersome.

Best regards.
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Do you call the CWhiteNoise::initialize() function before calling getValue() ?
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Should I? [biggrin]

Of course it didn't cross my mind to see whether the SDK takes care of that. I kind of assumed that it initializes itself as for some seeds like the one in the InstanceManager constructor.

Hooray, White Noise!

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