I had an existing project I started from Workspace With Materials.

I had a Smart Biome all set up per the tutorial documentation online.

Next I added a mesh, a mesh instance, and populated the diffuse texture fields in the new materials (from the mesh).

I then selected Save As->Project Folder, created a new folder in the file/folder dialog box that popped up, and hit OK.

It created a bunch of files and folders under my chosen folder, but it also removed the mesh, the mesh instance, and the new materials completely from my still open project in Voxel Studio.

Finally, I tried to open the project.dat that was just created by doing the Save As->Project Folder. It opened it up with the exact same thing (i.e., no mesh, no mesh instance, and no new materials).

Note that this was not a new project. I had previously hit the Save option several times while working on the project, but then I restarted with just what I detailed above.
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Thanks for the report, this is a known bug, it is scheduled to be fixed for the next release.
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