i have created a select area to this shape (to the fisrt white voxel in the direction of the last to the right).
I change would liek to reproduce the shape but with the select point.
you have a bug. Apprently link to the start point of the select area.

SNAP Grid:                 On
TOOL:                        Select
Mode of tool:
        Selects points :   ON
        Value: W/H/D :   15/2/2
        lock Point:          unchecked

other information: i have selected a line of 1/1 voxel i hope is not link to the problem of actual 1vx/1vx/1vx [tongue] .

Jadam [smile]
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Thanks for the report.

The tool should have produced some sort of curve in the preview, the expected behavior would not be creating the voxel shape you have in the back. While working with points the expectation is always to produce a curve.
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exactly, and if i execute. the shape create is the shape in preview . i have tested to refresh the render too and its not working.
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