Heya, me again! *fake cheering from the crowd*

I've been trying to implement the ThinClient demo into my own engine, and gotten to the point of displaying it correctly.
The error I'm currently up against however is when I add the line
"thinClipmapView.notifyCellDestroyed( cellData );"
to the code, which is directly copied from the ThinClientDemo.
Adding that line and then walking away causes the contourLoop to get a crash at:
AllServersInternals.exe!VoxelFarm::CClipmapView::contourLoop(class VoxelFarm::CGenerator *,class VoxelFarm::ContourThreadContext *,class VoxelFarm::CCellData::ThreadContext *,struct VoxelFarm::StatTracker (* const)[51]) Unknown Symbols loaded.

AllServersInternals.exe!VoxelFarm::CCellData::`vector deleting destructor'(unsigned int) Unknown Symbols loaded.

AllServersInternals.exe!VoxelFarm::CCellData::~CCellData(void) Unknown Symbols loaded.

Seeing as I've got the Indie version I can't see where exactly it's crashing, so I'm kind of at a loss here...
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By any chance are you releasing CellData objects on your side of the code?
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This thread appears to be a duplicate of:
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