Hi~ another question🙂

I want to add some voxel farm C/C++ sdk functionality to unity side.

What I want to do is.. voxel mesh FFD in unity3d or water effect.

Can I do this work with pro version?
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You can rebuild voxelfarm.dll with INDIE. The entire source code for this DLL is included, also the code for the Unity plugin.

Mesh and FFD operations are also possible with INDIE. You would require PRO only to modify core engine components or to build your application for another OS than Windows.
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Oh thanks for fast reply! I'm also happy about news that indie version can do my job. 😃 
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I loaded "VoxelFarmSDK.snl" to visual studio 2017, and rebuild 'VoxelFarmPluginDLL' as it is.

Visual Studio 2017 says error that
"Error C2397 conversion from 'VoxelFarm::CellId' to '__int64' requires a narrowing conversion VoxelFarmPluginDLL
c:\voxel farm\sdk\plugin.dll\voxelfarmimpl.h 446 "

How Can I solve this? Thanks for reading.
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Hi spacemarine,
you can try to replace that line :
pendingDisposedCells.push_back({ cpCellData->cell,(__int64)cpCellData });
CDisposedCell disposedCell;
disposedCell.cellid = (__int64)cpCellData->cell;
disposedCell.celldata = (__int64)cpCellData;
to see if you still have the issue.
Let us know if the issue still persist on your side.
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