Parallel to my unsuccessful trials to use Voxelfarm export with Unity 2018.2.14f1 I decided to give Unreal a chance. I installed Unreal 4.18.3, defined a new project as thirdPerson game, closed the project, went to Voxelfarm and added the Voxelfarm plugin to the new unreal project. When success was indicated, I restarted the Unreal editor for that project and verified that the plugin was available: It was, shown as enabled. Until here I have followed the Voxelfarm documentation for adding the plugin to Unreal and get it started. The next topic is "Adding the Voxelfarm actor", which tells me to drag the actor object to the World outliner. I did that, dropped it there without any messages, but nothing happens (again). No "VoxelFarmWorldActor1" as promised in the tutorial, just nothing, no messages, no error dialogs!. I closed the project completely, restart the Unreal editor back again with that project, no such object... Trying to add it again is not honored with any messages and also with no new object in the project outline tree.

I am clueless what is wrong with my following the tutorial, as the tutorial is very clear about the actions to execute and what should be expected. Iscanned the forum also, but can not locate mentioning about this early road blocker for testing Voxelfarm connection to Unreal.
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