We are looking for an Environment Designer with Voxel Farm skills for an indie game project, details below.

The game is a open world survival game set in the Middles Ages that encourages players to join with others to grow in power to ward off other communities. Through a tax and deed system the ruler of the community must manage to defend his settlement while keeping them happy and protected. Players can build houses, shops, castles, and with terraforming they can dig mines and caves. Resources are finite and must be taken care to not be wasted. The environment is interactive with the players, and animal populations can be killed off in areas due to over killing.

Some features:
Terraform-able world
Player driven world politics
Player driven economy
Entirely new take on religion in games
Player driven criminal justice system
Full seasonal weather system

Talent Required:
All of the game environments will rely on Voxel Farm. We require at least basic knowledge of Voxel Farm and the ability to learn the more complex concepts on your own. 

Our Team:
We currently have a 4 person crew with a 3D Artist, two Programmers, and a generalist

Website: https://warpathstudios.com 

Contact:  office@warpathstudios.com
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