When you have a level that includes a VoxelFarmWorldActor and you try to switch to another level in the Editor, you will get a crash immediately. 

This one is pretty easy to reproduce. Open the Demo.Unreal from the SDK in the editor and attempt to switch to another level that has been included in the starter assets. This makes it impossible right now to organize log in screens for multiplayer or any other feature that is based around keeping the Voxel World in one level and other features in another.

Here is a gist with the log because it is too long

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I encountered this same bug, it is not yet fixed. UE version 4.18

Editor crashes going from a map with the voxel lanscape in it to any other map.
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We are aware of this, we are looking at this issue at the moment.
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Hi mikepurvis,

we are adding the fix for the next release.

Have a nice day.
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