Is it possible to create a custom continent?

I have a world map that I would like to use and I am curious if there is a way to feed in my continent to the generator
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Yes, it is possible. In fact, all the wizard does is pre-generate the continent source files. Instead of using the wizard you may supply your own files. Here is how to do it:

In Voxel Studio, you will be working with the "Terrain" node. The following image shows which properties we will have to set:


First of all, make sure "Use Biome Maps" is set to true. This switches biomes from appearing randomly to using the maps you supply.

You will need to supply four different maps, all having the same dimensions. Two of these maps are used for biome placement and the other two represent base elevation for the continent.

The biome maps are "Biome Type" and "Geography Type". Biome Type determines whether the location is one of these:

0 - Temperate Forest
1 - Savannah
2 - Temperate Grassland Desert
3 - Desert
4 - Tropical Seasonal Forest
5 - Temperate Deciduous Forest
6 - Tropical Rainforest
7 - Tundra
8 - Taiga

Geography Type can be one of these:

0 - Mountain
1 - Landmass
2 - Littoral
3 - Ocean Shelf
4 - Ocean

Both files must be RAW format 8 bits per pixel. Each pixel's value should be one of the numeric values listed above.

The easiest way to create these if you are using a tool like Photoshop is to display the image as an indexed color image. This allows you to assign meaningful colors to the biome and geography types.

This is a typical Geography type map:

And here is a biome type map for the same continent:


Keep in mind the colors are only to help us see the different types. Even if you work with indexed color PNG or BMP images, the map you need to submit to Voxel Studio is a RAW file. This can be obtained simply by clicking Save As in Photoshop and selecting RAW as the desired format.

The third map is a 16 bit RAW that contains the continent's base elevation over the sea level. Each biome brings its own separate elevation profile which is added on top of this base continent elevation. This allows rising entire mountain ranges. In this map, black is sea level and white is the maximum elevation.

Here you can see the base elevation for the previous continent:


The last elevation map is also a RAW file, also 16 bits per pixel. This maps represents the ocean floor, where black is sea level and white is the deepest point in the ocean. Here you can see the ocean map for this continent:


This is all you will need to do for the custom continent.

Depending on which biomes and geography types you included in these maps, you will need to create Biome nodes in Voxel Studio. To each Biome node you will need to set its "Biome Type" and "Geography Type" properties. Biomes will be matched to the supplied maps on the fly using these:


The Biome Type is only used for Biome nodes that have their Geography Type set to either Landmass or Mountain. Geography types that are underwater (Ocean, Shelf, and Littoral) do not require a Biome Type.

If the maps you supply include a biome/geography type for which you have not created a Biome node, this area will be missing from the continent.

At the time of this post, the current version ( has a defect that affects setting of the continent size. This will be corrected in the next update.
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Awesome sounds great, I already love this tool and I am planning to use it to work with unity.

A few questions I have towards what I am aiming to use it for.

1. I plan on using VoxelFarm to primarily display my world map in my game, it is an RPG game. would 1 continent have enough flexibility with biomes so that they don't all seem the same? I would plan to essentially generate the entire continent and then come in afterwards and hand edit various areas.

2. Certain features like cliffs, overhangs, landbridges and caves I would want to hand edit in on the continent, how impactful would it be during the loading face with custom added features?

3. How find what the total continent size is or convert it? for example in Unity, if i planned on having a continent size of 50,000^2 units , and I have a particular point of interest at 500,500 how does that convert to the coords of the continent?

4. Is there anywhere else with documentation on this program? seems alittle sparse, other than that I love this tool

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One more question, 

1. What are the dimensions to use on a custom continent and how do they translate to the generated size? does a 512x512 RAW turn into a 512kx512k continent?
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1. Each biome is different. A single biome brings it own elevation map, which tiles at a frequency you can decide. If you plan your contienent well, it is possible that the biome heightmap repeats only a few times. Also when you consider each biome heightmap is offset by the continent's base elevation, any repetition can be entirely masked. You can also create unique, massive, points of interest using a different terrain layer we call Meta-meshes. You can take a look at Miguel's last post to see how a worm-like mountain was added to the world here. You can also terraform in more detail using the voxel editing tools.

2. Voxel edits are very efficient on load since only the required LOD will be read from hard drive. 

3. This is the defect I mentioned we have in the current version. The UI is not exposing parameters that allows you to specify how large a single pixel in your source maps is in world units.

4. Have you visited

1. Please see point 3.
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Is there a rough eta of the next update that addresses these issues? I am looking to purchase the indie version tonight
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These particular fixes have already passed our internal QA, however, the update is one of the largest we have done and the whole dev team is gone for the holidays. It is planned for the second week of January, with an ~80% chance.

If you would like your trial period extended beyond the initial month, just write to us at support.
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Hajime Saito
This is great information for a custom continent; however, there is no mention of Taiga or Tundra.

Is there a way to include these biomes?
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Yes, they were not included in the previous list by mistake:

7 - Tundra
8 - Taiga

I will edit the original post so in the future all the info is there.
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What is the max resolution for the sizes used in the RAW maps?
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There is no hard limit set by the hardware, only practical limits due to how much RAM this will take. 
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