I followed the instructions for ue4, project files generated and compiled just fine.

When i open up the project and run it however the project just hangs, if i run it in a separate view port the character loads but then it hangs. I noticed there was a huge cpu spike and a lot of shader compilers spawned.

I left it for about 15 minutes but the game never un-hung.

If anyone has any ideas.
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There is a known issue with UE4.12.5 that can cause this. This is not related to Voxel Farm but it happens with some of the assets found in the preview demo. Before pressing play, navigate to a mesh asset in the content browser. The bundle includes some trees from the unreal kite demo. You can open one of these, like a tree mesh, inside unreal by double clicking. Unreal will freeze again. Do not stop it. It is actually processing the asset. This could take hours. Once this finishes this will not happen the next time. Assets will load and play will get the full scene working.
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