I am evaluating Voxel Farm as the voxel/terrain engine for a UE4 game in which there is a separate simulation running to calculate data that should be stored/rendered via voxels. This data is really quite dynamic, and can include new voxels, changed materials, destruction of existing voxels, and changes in the amount inside voxels. So far, I have been able to create an IVoxelLayer and add it to the world generator via the voxel bundle and this renders well for the initial load of the world; however, I have been unable to find a way to request re-rendering of nearby cells.

I attempted modifying the VoxelFarmWorldActor to periodically call recalculateScene on the world's clipmap view, but this is prohibitively expensive; I was unable to find other flags/methods on my own to accomplish this. What, if anything, is the ideal path to flag cells as dirty in order to trigger a rendering update?

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