Hi everyone, i followed this guide to create a new Voxel Farm Terrain by my self :


I'm at the render part of the tutorial but when i click on "Render" i have this error :

"Errors : 

Rocks : Invalid size map"


So i presume my Displacement maps is wrong, i search a good one on google image witch i open with photoshop to make sure that i'm on 8 bits and save as a raw format but still i have this error.


Does everyone had the same ? Or if someone can give me a good template displacement map it's would be great !



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The map needs to be 8bit and only one channel. The equivalent mode in Photoshop is Grayscale/8bit.

It must also have dimensions that are power-of-two.

You will find several displacement maps in the examples available for download on our examples page:
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