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Azari Lite
I just realized what you were getting at when you said this.  

raz651 said, "The selection need fixing. If you select something without giving it a depth, and then try to select the sides to give it some depth. You can not do anything with it. No fill, paint or anything." 

This is true if you are trying to use the first set of tools, there is a second set for this use. Also a right click on the selection gets you a wheel of tools to use with the selection box, once you have a viable selection box.  

At first I was really frustrated because when I clicked on the first set of tools the selection box went away.  Raz651 is this what you are talking about?  
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We just sent out a new Voxel Studio beta that addresses the zero dimension bug in the selection box. If one of the dimensions is zero, it will be automatically set to one.
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Works great. [thumb]
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As for the movement problem. I think adding a movement up with the spacebar and movement down with the x key would help navigation. 
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do it correct the bug of the select box 1vx/1vx/1vx? [biggrin]


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