Hi, I had one quick question. Does Voxelfarm support gametime terrain generation? For instance can it use the fractal procedures while the game is running to generate and discard terrain? Or does the terrain need to be generated ahead of time?  I'm looking for something that will support a small planet sized world with near zero disk space usage. I'm actually writing some code to do this but if it already exists it might make sense to use Voxelfarm instead.  Thanks in advance.
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Voxel Farm supports any kind of dynamic generation you may think of. It is up to you to code the logic that outputs the content. We include different examples of how this can be done in the SDK. It can be all done on-the-fly without the need to pre-generate anything.

For some objects that are commonly requested, like heightmap-based terrain, Voxel Farm also includes implementations for these generators. There is no default component for small planet-sized worlds, as something like this is much more application-specific.

We recommend you implement your own IVoxelLayer. If you need to see and work with this object in Voxel Studio, we recommend you look into Voxel Studio extensions, but otherwise the IVoxelLayer implementation is the best avenue.
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