I've been asking about this in another thread but thought it should be a separate topic.

Really, this is a two part question:

1) I need to know how to make the run-time terrain modifications (when i dig a hole, build a structure, etc during game) to persist. Right now, every time I start the game, it reverts to original terrain with no buildings.

You had mentioned that the serialization functions were not completely mapped into Unity plugin yet. But today I see that you guys produced the Toon Unity demo and it does this very well, so I'm supposing that all needed function calls are now somewhere in the dll.

I'm looking for them the best I can and will try to answer my own question here by studying the demo source code but any help you can provide will be very valuable to me.

2) Also, after loading in what I thought would be the most updated plugin, my calls to SetStampAssetMesh, AddStampAssetMesh, and RemoveStampAssetMesh are not working. I hope they're still available because that is a very cool feature.
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