I'm working on a RTS project for school with Voxel, so me and my group decide to use Voxel Farm, but i don't find a feature to set the size of the map.

I don't want to create biome and continent because he don't fit the vision of our future RTS.

When i create a workspace with Materials i don't have the choice of the size of my map (which seem unlimited)


So i presume i need to create a blank project but even here i don't have this option, and i don't find a lot of tutorial who goes from sratch with a blank project, if you have one i'm curious to see it.


So i would like to know where i can set the size of my map before editing it.


Thanks for reading.



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You are correct, the default terrain component creates unlimited terrain. The next release of the software includes a way to clip this terrain, this way you can limit the terrain to a custom box. We plan this update to be available by the end of February. Meanwhile, you could work with the infinitish terrain assuming you will be able to clip it later during development.

An alternative you have right now is to use a Meta-Mesh. You can set up a base terrain that has any shape using this component, but it is a bit more involved.
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