It has been quite awhile since I have messed around with voxels. I recognize some of the names I see here in the forums as I am an ex-landmarkian myself (really miss it). I just bought the creators edition of VS and wanted to stop in and say hello 😉... /wave.

I have been messing around with blender and got myself a substance subscription so I could use those programs. I can use them just find and all (it really isn't that hard once you know the hotkeys), I just can't find the patience to fully do anything besides mess with textures lol (which is still fun 😋).

I don't like that approach to modelling and honestly, I think something needs to change in the way that models are made. Lots of new features and such coming out but it all boils down to having to do the same things on every single model. I think its time that stuff got streamlined and simplified to work more on the artistic aspects of modelling and less on messing with verts and edges and faces, push this, pull that, uv map this and retopo that. Just my thinking that its time the stuff got a huge overhaul, just saying 😉.

Anyway, enough with being long winded, hello everybody and will be seeing you around =D
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Hiya Kran! Love to see posts from other Landmarkians! I am always checking back to see if anyone has created a new "Landmark". 
Maybe the whole lot of us should start our own forums to discuss potential games and generally cry in our beers over the loss of (imo) the best game ever made. 
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