Is there anywhere, online or in Voxel Farm Studio, that lists/describes all the commands/tools available?  I am a big keyboard shortcut user, and would love to learn them, maybe even modify some.
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There are no keyboard shortcuts at the moment. They are planned for the September release.

A few exceptions currently in place:

Ctrl-Z and Ctrl-Y for Undo/Redo
Ctrl-S for saving
Holding Ctrl while panning and zooming will make the camera go faster
Holding Shift while panning and zooming will make the camera go slower
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Do you already have a list of commands you want to add?

I would also suggest a panel, or something similar, that allows us to customise our keybindings. You know, not everyone uses qwerty-keyboards.
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The plan is to have all commands mapped to keys, and the keys binding configurable. Unfortunately, we do not have an ETA for this.
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Azari Lite
Thank you for the question. Very good question. I will help add to the list as I find stuff.

Ctrl-V seems to show red memory lines for the undo process.
Ctrl-V again will turn that view off.

Ctrl-V Is very handy for cleaning up an area. Those previous deleted build areas can cause issues when you are doing rebuilds in those areas and may need to be cleaned up by using the Forget Button in a sleected area. 
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we need this
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Sure do! I just downloaded tonight and the first thing I went hunting for is keyboard shortcuts.
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