Do you have, or could you provide, a way for us to create a regular 2D image of the generated world for use in minimaps or regular sized world maps. If I create the world from a heightmap, I can use that image for a black and white version but it would be very nice to include all the colors that voxelfarm produces with the various layered materials.

I know I could snapshot multiple locations of the actual scene and piece them all together for this purpose but I would think there is a much easier way.
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No, we do not have anything like that.

Do you have a rough estimate of how much a single pixel in your minimap will cover in world units? Depending on that, different approaches may apply.

The naive approach would be to generate the cells -just call the generator object, no need to produce a mesh- for the LOD that matches your minimap pixels. Then, for each cell, you can read the top voxels and choose a color for the corresponding pixel that matches the material for the voxel.

This approach would allow you to have clipping planes for your map. For instance, if the character enters a cave the minimap could choose the voxels above the cave floor and ignore the voxels on top.
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