Is it possible to have a chunk be processed/modified by 2 extensions?
Or perhaps an extension apply to the same terrain as the built in terrain in VoxelStudio.  When I try to apply extension, I can't seem to manipulate/access the generated terrain?

Perhaps allowing the user choice order of which comes first.
So I could allow 1 to be the 'core' generator
and a 2nd do some post processing on what exists in the chunk already?

I am able to generate everything in 1 extension if I handle everything in a single extension.  However I'm not sure if there is a way to do fallthru or something equivalent.

Which is fine if I can't. I was just hoping to be able to leverage the terrain generation of VoxelStudio, but if instead I have to generate the terrain and the underground completely in my own extension, that is fine, I am just trying to clarify. 

I am not 100% sure how in cave extension shown here that the terrain generation can intersect the existing terrain like that?

I have resolved that multiple extensions can attempt to overwrite the same voxel data, and its done by the order of added extensions. And it appears like extensions always happen after the terrain.
Terrain -> Extension -> Extension added later.

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Alright, so clearly they are acting at the same time.

At least in this 2x Wave extension experiment. Perhaps I just need to experiment more.

I am using the ordering matters somehow, the earlier ones applied first.  Though there is no easy way to reorder without adding/removing extension currently.  


I have discovered, despite their being a clear ordering, there is no way for subsequent layers to access the data of the earlier one.  In this case I wanted to only modify during intersection/overlap. 

It seems like its a limitation of the current implementation. And that I likely will need to simply use a custom IVoxelLayer all the way.  

Future Feature Wishlist:
1. Allow me to write a custom IVoxelLayer in VoxelStudio, I don't know how to do this right now. Only extensions are allowed right now? 

2. Extend the functionality of extensions, specifically allowing getVoxels to be passed the currently existing materials/vector of the given chunk, instead of a clean all zeroed array, in cases of multiple competing layers for a given chunk.  Allow this to be controlled by the user somehow. 

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