1: why my blanck texture is red on VS3? It's the color used for the alpha channel?

2: my goal is to create the banded texture Horizontal and second vertical, this two is combined to automatiquely change in function of angle. why i have this when i create a flat land?

3: can you explain. how is working UV?

4: can you explain. how is working "face ,smoothing angle" specialy 45 is 45° but where is this angle?

5: can you explain. how is working "Placement Maximum Angle" and "Placement Minimum Angle"?

6: i have two texture , 1 horizontal banded and 2 vertical banded, il will add later 45°angle and -45°angle. How i can do it for this and to be on the same materials?

7: when the 1 sub material is used when it is stoppped and the second sub is used...etc.

thanks [smile])

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