So been working on and off with this for about a month and I have yet to generate anything close to a usable terrain.  I'm getting two far end of the spectrum results.

[aa139601e7e1fa0a71e563869c1287eb]  I get the above when I try and go with a smaller sized map of about 10 units.

[fdc564094d9b203bc40ec964983f6013]  I get this is I leave the default values for all the sizing of 2000. Also I've gotten this same ground material every time I've tried to go this large.

[b4f1a6c06dfd16f3af2c23b1efd67e8c]  This is what got when I tried to go somewhat in the middle at 750 units.

Here's the images used.

Any ideas on what I might be missing?
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In the last two screenshots you are underwater, in the ocean. There is a button in the render ribbon tab that is labeled "Find Land". Please click on it and this will take you to where the landmass is.

The three screenshots appear to be correct. Setting the continent at 10 Km will produce this effect since you are setting the continent to have a very small footprint (10Km) and you may still have a large elevation value for the mountains. The 750km and 2000km continents should be OK, it is just that you are looking at the ocean.
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