Voxel Farm

We have uploaded a new version of the engine and tools. You can run the Voxel Farm Updater utility at any time to get this update. If you have lost access to the updater utility you can download it here.

If your license has expired you can get a new one here. Also if you are looking to upgrade your license you can get access to discounts here.

In this version:

Voxel Studio

  1. Switched to an optimized database for saving. IMPORTANT: Projects saved with the new version ( will not load in older versions of Voxel Studio. Please back up your work before switching to the new Voxel Studio version. 
  2. Improved overall tool performance
  3. Improved Voxel Antialiasing
  4. New memory management system for very large scenes
  5. Selection box now shows voxel measurements
  6. Improved performance of previews for clipboard, meshes, and prefabs
  7. Fly mode now uses A and D keys to move left and right respectively
  8. Fixed direction of camera zoom


  1. New octree-based scene manager
  2. New edition database with improved performance
  3. Material instance planting now also applied to sub materials
  4. Added content bounding boxes to cells
  5. Improved occlusion culling for scenes
  6. Improved precision of Stamp Mesh operations

Unity Plugin

  1. Added support for optimized large scenes
  2. Improved threading model of stamp mesh and block operations
  3. Included occlusion-based scene management
  4. Improved scene management to reduce performance spikes
  5. Fixed bug in spatial transform for stamp-mesh operations
  6. Fixed edge case when creating empty NavMesh sources
  7. Added PhysicsScanExtents and LocalStampTransform to clientSubscriber
  8. Fixed crash in Stamp Mesh
  9. Faster fragment discovery in plugin DLL
  10. Reduced blocking calls in DLL
  11. Increased caching during Cell bakes

Unreal Plugin

  1. Support for UE4.17 and UE4.18 (preview) IMPORTANT: UE4.17 has bugs in mesh instance management. We recommend skipping this UE version. The issues are fixed in UE4.18
  2. Added support for optimized large scenes
  3. Improved threading model of stamp mesh and block operations
  4. Included occlusion-based scene management
  5. Fixed bug in add block cursor placement
  6. Added option to have standalone worker threads instead of using UE4's thread pool
  7. Fixed edge case producing non-manifold collision meshes
  8. Fixed material instance rotation
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With this new one version I can't still open the Turtle Demo. Studio crashes.
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