Voxel Farm

We have uploaded a new version of the engine and tools. You can run the Voxel Farm Updater utility at any time to get this update. If you have lost access to the updater utility you can download it here.

If your license has expired you can get a new one here. Also if you are looking to upgrade your license you can get access to discounts here.

In this version:

Voxel Studio
  1. Renderer uses a Physically-Based model for materials
  2. Added Render > Camera Height
  3. Material Picker shows material name
  4. Create material by drag and drop set of texture files
  5. Added Render, Fog and Skybox options to Project settings
  6. Added pulsating Material highlight
  7. New property editors for angles, materials and object references
  8. New Workspace with materials project
  9. Added parallax effect for material rendering
  10. Use "L" key to toggle wireframe display
  11. Use "F7" key to toggle LOD heatmap display
  12. Use "F8" key to toggle octree display
  13. Use "F9" key to toggle occluder display
  1. Improved vertex normals
  2. Improved seam algorithm
  3. Fixed small holes that could appear between cells
  4. Improved UV-based mesh simplification
  5. OpenGL renderer now supports physically-based-rendering
Unity Plugin
  1. Added support for height-based material blending
  2. Improved tri-planar blending
  3. Improved instance shader
  4. Fixes support for color spaces
  5. Fixes deferred rendering
  6. Reduced Texture Array size
  7. Packed Roughness Metallic and Displacement maps into single Texture Array
  8. Fixes for instance scale
  9. Added custom path for edits in Client Inspector
Unreal Plugin
  1. Added SetSaveFolder function to plugin
  2. Added support for height-based material blending
  3. Fixed bug for disappearing instances
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Hello .


iTS AMAZING The Rate of Constant Improvements the Engine Receives.

Physical Based materials Give a Complete New Degree to Results .


Its Very Good to see The Engine is Evolving With Curent Game Engine Features Interaction in Mind

We Hope To See Voxel Global Illumination or AMD and Nvidea Real Time RayTracing in Next 2 years Implemented.


Also Some kind of Enviroment & Fx Like Voxel Clouds & Liquids

Or Particles Directly Implemented in Engine With Interaction with Game Engines


The Future Previsions for this Voxel Engine is Awsome ! 


Sincere Congratulations for this World Top Voxel Software Making.



A Question :

- Can we Have Acess to Older Stable Versions of Voxel Studio For Debug Purposes.

- Can We Have Acess to Newer Unstable Beta Versions With Experimental features, as the point Clouds to voxel Import etc ... 


THANK YOU For all Amazing Efforts in this World Best 3D Landscaping SandBox Software.




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Harry RoseVFX
is this project dead? 6 months without update. 8 months without a new video on YT (btw. Miguel, I always thought silent movies went out of fashion in the 40s). Meta meshes and material giving me trouble. Am I betting on the wrong horse?

Intentions don't equal outcome.


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It is quite the opposite. We have been very productive over the last few months.

We did have to delay the last public SDK release for a couple of months dues to issues supporting the new UE4.20 release. To many developers affected by this delay, we have sent new early access versions for Unity 2018 and UE4.20 support. If you are pressed for support of the latest version of these engines in your project, there is no need to wait for the next official release. Just contact us and we will provide the next SDK version.

The list of improvements in the new engine and plugins is massive.

The next Voxel Studio has a new sculpting and painting interface. It is much easier to terraform now, thanks to the fact the brushes work fluidly, even supporting pressure.

The team also had major breakthroughs supporting massive and very detailed terrains, as you can see here:

This technology is the foundation for new terrain systems for games.

Do we have any open tickets from you regarding materials and metal meshes? We could not find any.

Do you follow us on Twitter? It may be the most effective way to get a feeling of how the project is going.

And thank you for your remarks about silent videos, we will make sure Miguel sees what you have said.
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great to hear that, wish everthing goes well.
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Harry RoseVFX
Awesome! Thanks for the update. ...and yes, Epic's relentless updating is a challenge to many developers, I can see that very clearly.

Intentions don't equal outcome.


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