1. Voxel Studio: Removed developer debug message that appeared when importing meshes
  2. Voxel Studio: Fixed "Ocean Slope Invalid Map Size" error in new continent wizard
  3. Improved Lake generation speed by 600%
  4. Terrain memory use reduced by 75%
  5. Bundle system now properly initializes the Meta-Mesh layer
  6. Bundle system now properly initializes terrain in continent mode (Use Biome Maps)
  7. Improved performance of scene switches in Unreal Engine
  8. Fixed voxelization artifacts in StampMesh

You may run the Voxel Farm Updater utility at any time to get this update. If you have lost access to the updater utility you can download it here.

If your license has expired you can get a new one here. Also if you are looking to upgrade your license you can get access to discounts here.
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