1. Voxel Studio: Continent Dimensions are properly applied
  2. Voxel Studio: Added Smart Biome component
  3. Voxel Studio: Added menu for mirroring and 90-degree transforms
  4. Voxel Studio: Use SHIFT + Left Click to flood select voxels
  5. Voxel Studio: Display voxel dimensions while starting a selection box
  6. Voxel Studio: Meshes can be linked to instances
  7. Voxel Studio: Added "Asset Name" to instances that will be replaced by assets in Unity or Unreal
  8. Voxel Studio: Time of day will not change unless the "Skip Time" button is pressed
  9. Voxel Studio: Moved scene resolution parameters to a dropdown in Render tab
  10. Voxel Studio: Added auto-arrange option to node editor
  11. Voxel Studio: Enabled loading extensions
  12. UnrealPlugin: Ported UE4 example to UE4.14
  13. UnityPlugin: Added mesh instance support
  14. UnityPlugin: Included "Turtle Mountain" project
  15. Engine: Multiple fixes to static analysis warnings
  16. Engine: Continents now initialize with the proper size
  17. Engine: Density in planting rule is now properly applied
  18. Engine: Fixed bug in planting rule angles
  19. Engine: Reduced memory footprint of UV-mapped voxel instances
  20. Engine: Voxel instances over Meta-Mesh layer now have sharp boundaries
  21. Engine: Improved behavior of non-snap cursor in ClipmapView
  22. Engine: Fixed a vertical step that appeared between LODs in HydroLayer
  23. Engine: Added baseLOD property to ClipmapView
  24. Engine: Unified random generation across multiple projects for consistent procedural generation
  25. Engine: Added deferred rendering code
  26. Demo.Bundled loads bundle from "bin\terrain_bundle"
  27. Demo.Bundled saves edits and viewer state to "bin\terrain_bundle\savedata"
  28. Demo.Bundled added F11 key option to toggle cursor snapping
  29. Demo.GeneratorServer: Fixed stack overflow
  30. Demo.GL: Added implementation of IMapIndex
  31. Demo.ThinClient: Fixed double de-allocation of material list

List of added files
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The Ocean Depth map used in the continent mode (when "Use Biome Maps" is ON in Terrain) is now required to be a 16bit per pixel RAW. Existing continent projects will issue an error about this when loading. You will need to convert the map from 8bits per sample to 16bits.
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As part of the continent generation fixes, we added a new button to the Render menu tab that will take you near the highest point for the continent. Even if you change continent dimensions later you can find land again by pressing this button:

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UE4 Users - I highly recommend this update for your projects. Seems like terrain loading is greatly improved, no more little FPS drops when terrain loads while moving about in my game. Voxel Studio seems much more stable now as well.

Torres, is the Caves extension up and running in this version?
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The extensions are running in Voxel Studio. I need to confirm if they are loaded by the UE and Unity bundles. Until confirmation you should assume yes, because that is what the notes say, but allow me to double-check.
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