Voxel Farm

We have uploaded a new version of the engine and tools. You can run the Voxel Farm Updater utility at any time to get this update. If you have lost access to the updater utility you can download it here.

If your license has expired you can get a new one here. Also if you are looking to upgrade your license you can get access to discounts here.

Introducing UE4 and Unity3D Plugins

We are very happy to introduce the new plugins for Unreal Engine 4 and Unity3D 5. Before the plugins, the Voxel Farm SDK included just examples of how the integration with these engines could be done. With the plugins, you can now add Voxel Farm to any existing project or game template. The plugins are currently alpha versions, but we chose to include them early so you can have a better idea of all the possibilities and advantages they bring.

What is new in

  1. Voxel Studio: Relative paths to photo samples are now accepted by Smart Biomes
  2. Engine: Added a clipping region to physics fragment discovery
  3. Engine: Fixed discovery of false positives in physics fragment discovery
  4. Engine: Added VoxelFileDB, a binary database that is compatible with VoxelDB but does not use memory mapped files
  5. Unity Demo: Fixed bug that affected instance planting in Meta-mesh layer
  6. Unity Demo: Fixed bug that prevented the image atlas cache from refreshing
  7. Unity Plugin: Added a standalone prefab to include Voxel Farm in existing Unity projects
  8. Unreal Demo: Migrated demo to Unreal Engine 4.15
  9. Unreal Plugin: Added early version of a code plugin for Unreal Engine 4.15
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We have published a new set of tutorials to accompany the plugin release:

Unreal Plugin

Adding Voxel Farm

Creating a Voxel Farm bundle

Adding the Voxel Farm actor

Scene Configuration

Scaling Voxel Farm content

Controlling scene focus

Adding and removing voxels at runtime

Enabling voxel physics

Unity Plugin

Adding Voxel Farm to a Unity project

Creating a Voxel Farm bundle

Controlling scene focus

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Azari Lite
Looks like very good upgrades to Voxel Studio Thank you so much. Azari.lite
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