1. Voxel Studio: Improved voxel instance fidelity
  2. Voxel Studio: Voxel Instances  automatically processed from source FBX meshes
  3. Voxel Studio: Voxel Instances show actual material names in Material Palette 
  4. Voxel Studio: Fixed snap alignment in Paint Tool
  5. Voxel Studio: Fixed dents caused by the Forget Tool
  6. Voxel Studio: Materials use default textures
  7. Engine: Improved voxel UV
  8. Engine: Updated MacOS code compatibility
  9. Unreal Engine Plugin: Fixed crash when activating physics
  10. Unreal Engine Plugin: Fixed concurrency issue hiding actors
  11. Unreal Engine Plugin: Fixed appearance of surface normals in CellMaterial
  12. Unity Plugin: Added support for physically based rendering textures
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