Voxel Farm

We have uploaded a new version of the engine and tools. You can run the Voxel Farm Updater utility at any time to get this update. If you have lost access to the updater utility you can download it here.

If your license has expired you can get a new one here. Also if you are looking to upgrade your license you can get access to discounts here.

In this release:

  1. Voxel Studio: Added Tweak tool
  2. Voxel Studio: Added Pointer tool
  3. Voxel Studio: Prefab tools can use UV-mapped meshes from project
  4. Voxel Studio: Selection tool snap mode
  5. Voxel Studio: Precision voxel clipboard mirroring and 90-degree rotations
  6. Voxel Studio: Added Field of View control
  7. Voxel Studio: Added Mouse sensitivity control
  8. Voxel Studio: Occlusion based voxel antialiasing to support high quality in very large scenes
  9. Voxel Studio: Fixed Normal maps in Voxel Studio forward renderer
  10. Voxel Studio: Added "Project Compression" option to project settings
  11. Voxel Studio: Added "Delete Undo History" and "Delete Edition Backup" to project settings
  12. Voxel Studio: Added "Recompute LOD" option to project settings
  13. Voxel Studio: Fixed clipboard preview in Paste from File material dialog
  14. Voxel Studio: Fixed material drop-down thumbnails
  15. Unity: Navigation mesh support
  16. Unity: Faster and leaner collision meshes
  17. Unity: Fixed normal maps
  18. Unity: Fixes in stamp mesh location
  19. Unity: Fixes in physic fragments
  20. UE4: Support for UE4.16
  21. UE4: Navigation mesh support
  22. UE4: Added convex hull method for fragment physics simulation
  23. UE4: Faster and leaner collision meshes
  24. UE4: Refactored plugin code
  25. UE4: Streamlined UE4 object management
  26. UE4: New Texture Atlas system
  27. UE4: Fixed normal maps
  28. Engine: Now supporting Visual Studio 2017
  29. Engine: Upsampling voxel data produces error metric for each cell
  30. Engine: Added computation of cell occlusion quads 
  31. Engine: Added tangent channel to cell meshes
  32. Engine: Added COcclusionMapIndex class for scene management. Uses occlusion queries to refine the current scene.
  33. Engine: Improved stamp mesh precision

In case you missed earlier updates you can access release notes here.



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Can't wait to check it out! Big love for navmesh support out of the box. I took a shot at it but got bogged down in doing it wrong. I am really excited about the direction Unreal and Unity support is going in. Huge thanks to the whole team at VoxelFarm!
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can't wait the next update, i'm a ue4 uers!
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