Voxel Farm

We have uploaded a new version of the engine and tools. You can run the Voxel Farm Updater utility at any time to get this update. If you have lost access to the updater utility you can download it here.

If your license has expired you can get a new one here. Also if you are looking to upgrade your license you can get access to discounts here.


In this version:

Voxel Studio

  1. New Paint tool
  2. New Smooth tool
  3. New Raise/Sink tool (Hold SHIFT to Sink)
  4. Left mouse clicks are used for tool actions only
  5. Camera orbit mode by SHIFT+Right mouse drag
  6. Camera look-around mode by Right mouse drag
  7. Camera horizontal pan mode by CTRL+Right mouse drag
  8. Added renderer keyboard shortcut configuration to Settings dialog


  1. Edition pipeline optimizations
  2. Faster voxelization (stamp mesh calls)
  3. Faster LOD generation
  4. A new surface tool system
  5. New Smooth and Raise tools
  6. New Paint tool
  7. Improved look of material blending zones
  8. Improved computation of surface normals
  9. Mesh optimization produces 10% fewer triangles at the same quality
  10. Fixes for orientation and position of terrain instances
  11. Fixes for MacOS and Linux portability
  12. Fixes in Server IOCP

Unity Plugin

  1. Introduced support for Unity3D 2018
  2. Exposed edition methods such as paint, forget, smooth, grow and break
  3. Exposed collision end LOD and instances end LOD properties
  4. Improved navmesh updates and cell geometry baking
  5. Fixed stamp position issue related to world scale
  6. Fixed crash when loading project
  7. Fixed crash when baking cell geometry
  8. Fixed tangent vectors in the shader
  9. Fixed mesh instance not added as a reference
  10. Fixed mesh instance disappearing
  11. Fixed texture generation crash
  12. Fixed floating material instances
  13. Fixed floating cell sections
  14. Fixed instance asset not found error
  15. Fixed shader performance regression
  16. Fixed infinite loop in plugin DLL

UE4 Plugin

  1. Added support for UE4.19 and UE4.20
  2. Fixed bug in instance planting
  3. Fixed crash when opening new level in a preview
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will have a try.
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HI THERE ! Greath Updates ! THANKS SO MUCH ! 

  1. Fixes for MacOS and Linux portability

Does this mean we can now Make Voxelfarm portable in Windows .. and open it in a MacOS Sistem ? or ...

https://www.codeweavers.com/products/crossover-mac  / Can we do it with Something like Cross Over ? 

But it Still needs a Powerfull mac to run ? Voxelfarm Portable in Mac It Does not run with a MACBOOK Laptop Right ? 


The Only way that i Tought was using VmWare Virtual Windows in macbook laptop  ...

But i Didnt Tried as i Supose will Have Graphic card needed troubles ...


Would be AMAZING having VoxelFarm Working on a Simple MACBOOK laptop ...

My Wife have a Macbook Laptop, and for a long Time i'm Wanting to Teach her Voxelfarm ...

So that we can run a Litle Business out of VoxelFarm creations  : ) 


One way or other ... We have to do it before march 19 When our bonus Subscription end  =) 

So we can then present / even sell ... some of our Worlds Creations to the community...


Maybe the Day Will come Soon some years  ...

Were everyone can make Voxelfarm creations 

Right on a Web browser, With VoxelFarm Remote Desk cloud ; )


We Been folowing Voxelfarm since the First Days in the BlogSpot Pajamas Confort Doings ..

And every Year Updates Amaze us ! 


[DrACperX4AEV7NE]  https://twitter.com/voxelfarm

I just come from Cheking out latest Twiter news ..


The Unity / Unreal Upgrades ... for long DIstance Extreme Tesselated Lods ...

And This NEW Things as Real world In game Hyper Details With Distant Terrain point Clouds  Sounds So promissing ...

Would be so so greath that in the Medium distance the whole world / terrain / instances Would be converted to JUST POINT CLOUDS  Instead Geometry lods ...

As Point clouds are so Litle Resources needed ... Maybe even in long Term is Possible to have Hyper real VoxelFarm Worlds Working In mobile !

That WOuld be So Revolutionary ... And looks like the Voxel farm Tecnology doors Are being open for that ..



THANKS SO MUCH for the Continuous Improvments on this Amazing product !






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