Voxel Farm

We have uploaded a new version of the engine and tools. You can run the Voxel Farm Updater utility at any time to get this update. If you have lost access to the updater utility you can download it here.

If your license has expired you can get a new one here. Also if you are looking to upgrade your license you can get access to discounts here.

In this version:

Voxel Studio
  1. Added CTRL + Mouse Wheel action to raise/lower the camera position
  2. Improved resampling LODs. Recalculate cells without children rather than delete them.
  3. Fixed bug in cell error sampling for voxel aliasing.
  1. Added elastic box and prefab instantiation to VoxelFarmDemoBundled.
  2. Fixed smart triangulation for blending materials by using it only if all involved materials have blending set.
  3. Added color channel to voxels.
  4. Remove UVs when merging two voxel buffers to avoid false UVs in new quads.
  5. Split triangles in superior LODs in order to plant more material instances and compensate the resolution loss in bigger LODs.
  6. Improved thread-locks for billboard cache.
  7. Update material instance cache in every new scene to avoid cells to be destroyed before a certain age.
  8. Improved material instance system. All material instance Patches are lod0 sized. For superior LODs, we enclose the material instances into patches, so we can reuse them among different LODs.
  9. Delete material instance patches from the cache if a cell becomes empty.
  10. Retrieve disposed material instance patches for the plugins.
  11. Fix instance volume editions for superior LOD cells. We use that to regenerate material instances only where the surface changed.
  12. Regenerate seams when editing.
  13. Fixed cell error sampling for aliasing.
  14. Included color channel in simplification metrics.
  15. Improved material boundary logic for simplification.
  16. Improved blending bands simplification.
  17. Every time a scene change we provide a list of the cells with data in the scene.
  18. Fixed issue of some cells disappearing when editing and moving at the same time. 
  19. Improved grow and Smooth tools by improving altered surface reconstruction.
  20. Fixed compilation Errors & Warnings For XCode, Visual Studio 2019
Unity Plugin
  1. Introduced support for Unity3D 2019
  2. Added blend weight and LOD iterations parameters for grow and smooth edition methods
  3. Fixed disappearing cells
  4. Fixed layer instances and macro instances not hidden
  5. Improved layer instance planting
  6. Introduced new material instance patch system
  7. Introduced new scene swap management
  8. Improved material instance culling
  9. Fixed cell data not disposed
  10. Improved navmesh source update
  11. Fixed performance spikes when submitting new scene content to Unity
  12. Improved Voxel Antialiasing
  13. Added OnCellDestroyed callback for client subscribers
  14. Fixed Instance Reference Assets Not Found In Windows platform
UE4 Plugin:
  1. Added support for 4.21 and 4.22
  2. Fixed crash when cell is uploaded after being updated
  3. Fixed missing cells in PIE
  4. Fixed instance updates in packaged build
  5. UE4 Plugin: Removed unnecessary toggling when cell is about to be destroyed
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