So looking through Unity documentation regarding AI pathfinding, it seems that Unity's NavMeshes must be created ahead of time, which obviously doesn't work well with real-time terrain generation.

I've looked a little at the A* Pathfinding Project, but I'm in early stages of evaluation and not entirely sure it will be able to do the job either.

Has anyone found a good solution for getting AI agents to pathfind in a Voxel Farm world?
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Hi Telarin,
Did you ever find an answer to this question? I'm also curious how AI or NPC pathfinding works in Voxel Farm.
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Hi Telarin and Xaxilis,
The plugin supports realtime navigation already.
You will find a scene that showcase that in our examples package.
We also documented how to configure your pathfinding as well in your scene.
Let us know if you have any questions or issues.
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