Hi everyone, I'm not good at it, but do can something like this? sorry, i'm bad in english and used google translate.
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This is not a function you can find implemented out of the box in Voxel Farm, but it is very much possible if you are up to creating some code.

You have listed two different problems above. The first class of problem is detecting something must break based on the forces that are been applied, including gravity. In order to compute this, first you must thin the voxel mode until you have some sort of skeleton. While thinning, you can eventually compute how many voxels were collapsed into each segment of the skeleton. This will provide the weight of each skeleton segment. Looking at the skeleton and the weights, you can compute breakage points. For each point, you can delete the voxels along the break plane, which will be perpendicular to the skeleton link that was fractured. When the voxels are deleted, the default physics scan will detect this as a floating object and will be turned into a separate mesh.

The second class of problem is writing back a fragment of the world that became stationary. This is a much simpler problem. You can stamp the mesh back into the voxel world. The problem here may be aliasing, as the voxel grid may not be able to provide a 1:1 representation of the mesh.
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Thank you for the answer. Will these functions ever be implemented? If not, how much will it cost, and how long will it take to develop?
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