I am using the SetBlockLineOfSight and StampBlock method

And sometimes 2 things happen.

It seems that nothing happens when I click, even though the code runs to stamp block.  So I feel like its not really resolving the block that I am looking at?  I've seen this a little in VS as well, in that the resolved block is inside or somehow has hit a block behind the one I am looking at?  Is there any technique to improve the user feel of this, so that it better aligns with expectations of where a block will be added?

Also, StampBlock has wonky behavior when it deals with non cube shaped Size meshes.
Since it appears like StampBlock wants to make grid aligned or snapsize or something. 

I am trying in a flat world, with various sizes of like 2x12x12 or 12x2x12 or 12x12x2 for floors and walls.  And 1 of them works really well, but others behave super weird and inconsistent with my expected results.

For example
1.png  These are being generated by stamping blocks of either 12x2x12 or 2x12x2

With 1 axis, I can easily place them as close or as far as I'd like for them to intersect or not.  But with the other axis, they always appear to be forced distance apart?
This also also happens with the floor ones.

Only 1 axis works as intended. So it seems like some internal range or bound is bugged?  I've looked thru the cpp code I have from StampBlock downward and can't seem to find anything, perhaps in another area I don't have access too?

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