I think I may habe encoutered a bug, here are the steps to reproduce it:

Create new workspace with materials
Export FBX with the option "include high resolution source" on
Import the FBX into Unity

All the objects will look grey. I noticed that inside the fbx there are the materials but not the textures.

Second question is basically the same as this question in this forum /post/exporting-only-selection-9616741 (the forum won't allow me to post links??)

I want to be able to do an export only on selection.

However, I want to create many small objects and having to create a new project for every one of them beats the purpose (speed of creation) of using voxel studio in the first place. (I want to create many single props for my game). I understand that this may be a problem with LOD, but I already have a LOD generator in place in my Unity environment.
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Yes, there is currently a known issue that breaks the baked textures into the FBX, producing a grey surface.

At the moment, we are not working on the export FBX-from-selection feature. We have identified this as a feature we want to have, but it is not clear when work on it will begin.
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thanks a lot for your prompt reply! with my current pipeline it means I cannot use voxel studio at the moment.
I will keep having a look at your product and when these two requirements are met, I'll surely buy it 🙂
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