1) It would be nice to have atan function.

For example, i cann't make following prefub for stairs. I managed to place stairs, using recursion and dz, dy. But i cann't place supports for them, as i cann't calculate angle (for screenshot i just hardcoded const angle 28)2017_00_03_1.jpg 
2) rotate works with degrees and trigonometric functions work with radians. It would be nice to have degrees on both. Or at least PI constant.

3) Using meshes with UV mapping?

4) My tests showed that if i want move scope 1 voxel left, then i need to use move [-1/3, 0, 0]. Why 1/3? I still cann't fully understand units for all values.

If my calculations are right, then i can set only that sizes of scope in the editor that are multiple of 3 voxels. What if i want to make prefub that looks nice when size is multiple of 5?
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5) Add more realtime program arguments, that we could set before executing StampModel. Like we do with materials and CPaletteDesc, or just Param1, Param2, etc.

There are already similar system in place with LOD parametr.

For example, with stairs it would be nice to let player change some parameters.

  const PlankHeight 1/3
  const PlankWidth 2

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