I have suggestion to remove pre-moderation for certain users.

For example: have more than 5 posts or verified license, etc.

Premoderation drastically slows down communication between 2 users, specially located, in europe time zones. It can take 2 days to ask question and get answer from another user. When i made post in the morning, it alwas shows in forum on the evening.

I understand, that it won't shorten reply time for VF officials, but many qustions could be answered faster by another users.

Just now i edited my post to correct a typo and whole post disappeared from the forum due to premoderation...
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If you click on a profile image, then in the top right you can either send an in-forum message or a regular email to that user.

With that said, I would love to be able to collaborate in real time with anybody who is online. I have a ventrilo server I use for online realtime communication with others (it has a text chat "room" that you can send links to), but if anyone has a suggestion for something better (irc, etc.) then I'm game.
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I think a Discord chat room would be really helpful for the community.
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Thumbs up for Discord, very nice experience.
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up too for discord.
i can help on VS3, some function of VF, plugins unreal vf and unreal engine(4.15to4.18).

My tweeter if you need :
i m french.
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