Hajime Saito
Disclaimer/Warning: I'm a complete noob so will most likely say something stupid.

Hi all,
I recently bought Voxel Farm and am loving it. Voxel farm is a great product and not much comes close from what I have tried and if nothing changed it would remain that way for a long time.

I was just wondering about the feasibility/practicality of adding some features/customization to the wizard.

1. Is it possible to implement the option of just a landmass without the surrounding ocean, or at least predefine the ratio/percentage of landmass/ocean per defined area?

I ask this because I have a specific area of landmass in mind, with no coast, based on a map I have designed as a guide (extending the map to include a coast would also be acceptable).

2. Is it possible to implement the option, similar to above, to either predefine the ratio/percentage of various geographical features which will affect the biomes or (enter noob dreaming mode) even the option of designing/customizing the map a little more by specifying the placement of geographical features (mountains, plateaus, lowlands and maybe even rivers/lakes) on the landmass? Perhaps even just points/dots on the map for desired features and the wizard interprets this and (for mountains) "connects" the dots in a semi-random fashion?

I understand much of this can probably be done with a blank project and then manually putting in all the details, heightmaps, biome/geography maps etc, but hoenstly, as I mentioned I am a complete noob (and perfectionist) and am seriously lacking in artistic talent (even with photoshop) and just can't seem to reproduce the map image I imagine on to paper/photoshop or anything requiring manual dexterity over drawing instruments.

It would even be extremely helpful for a artistically devoid individual as myself, if the initial step of the wizard assisted in the semi-procedural creation of the heightmap, biome map, geography map and elevation map using similar input information mentioned above.

Thanks for taking the time to read.
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Like you correctly said, the continent wizard will create these continent profiles where typically 50% of the map is ocean. Currently there is no way to alter this proportion. Your suggestion makes a lot of sense.

You do have some alternatives. If you do not want oceans at all, you have the choice to disable the continent mode and just let the landmass biomes mix randomly. This would give you "infinitish" terrain. This is a simple true/false setting. Just select the Terrain node and set the "Use Biome Maps" to False.

The other option is for you to produce your own custom continent maps. This is outlined in this thread:


Also, the next update which is scheduled for today (or tomorrow) will allow you to create "Smart Biomes" which are the biomes that automatically generate from photos directly, that is, you can now bypass the Continent wizard altogether. 
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Hajime Saito
Thanks for the quick reply.

I wanted to avoid an infinite world (the map I have created is big enough) so I will give the custom continent ago, I'm just absolutely useless with photoshop, but I have found a few useful tool/programs to help.

I'll also check out that "Smart Biomes", sounds interesting.

I'm starting a course in March so with a bit of luck this stuff will get easier and I will be able to add some of my own extensions too.
Not that its anything unique here, I'm just "late to the party" [smile]

keep up the great work
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Azari Lite
Very helpful info here.  Thanks! I am a Landmark player and I just want to keep building so looking at this package for starters. Azari.Lite
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