hank you for this awesome engine. I have bought the studio vers of voxel farm and I'm happy with its features.
However,  I got confused over a little fact in voxel farm.. I was testing the terrain by putting a size value of 0.05 km and it's then I found out that map automatically get tiled ie. it become infinite. Though, I am very busy with my resort business, the little time I usually get, I use it make a planetary 3P shooter game in ue4. So my plan is to make a huge (really very huge) terrain with this planet model (see the pic planed_planet.png ). To ease the matter, I have cut the planet along with the red line in the pic (planed_planet.png )
So I have a almost 60% of the sphere with a 4096x4096 gray scale map and same for remaining 40%.  All the continents of upper and lower are separated. Now I want to use this one  height map   to generate a flat terrain where i will put everything from mountain to cities with mesh additions.
The surface area of the main planet is 1.5 x 10^11km . So the 60% it about 9.2x 10^10 km. My main problem is
A) how I will be able to get the map ending when it's being tiled and
B) how I will be able to export it to ue4 when I can't see the boundary of the map. I don't know if the whole map also gets tiled and infinite in ue4
If you can then do give me some idea to make my idea possible since I'm very new in this gaming industry, it will do a lot make me get my hands on pro version of voxel farm. Also is there any magic method which I can use to put the whole planet in voxel farm so that when players will move they feel like they are really in a planet?
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Hi, you could create a metamesh with meta materials on it. You only need the low/medium planet mesh which has UVs, a color map based on the high poly, and some materials/displacement maps. The low poly mesh will create the global shape of your planet, meta-materials will apply displacement and combination of materials on the different continent/terrain features (mountain, beach etc..). Once in UE, you could place a water sphere on top of it to get oceans.
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