In my game's design, there are zones that players only build things in them which are useful temporarely and actually the next day in the game, i want all of that to be deleted. What should i do?

Should i have two user layers which i delete one of them or clear all edits in it whenever i want? Is there a fast way of finding edits on a bounding box in the main edits layer to remove them? This second approach is bound to be slow and grows with the number of modifications and number of areas which should be reset so is not ideal at all. If there was a way to clean by placing air in a way that the air would not remain it was good but that is not possible and the air material based blocks will remain. 


Help me find a good way please.


If i want to describe the usecase more, imagine player as a part of his/her mission should build towers and go on top of them and do things and this is a daily routine like other games use farming/ordinary quests for grinding. You want all of the stuff done yesterday be gone naturally.

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