Begin : after 1 week the outside:
After 2 week, the outside


Begin : After 1 week, the inside


After 2 week the outside


and i need to continue to add more and more detail to be realistic. i m to the limit of the possible with the voxel. i will probably finish to custom the Inside when i will switch the build on UE4.

Feedback is welcome [smile]

Jean-Philippe "Jadam" Pascon.
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Azari Lite
How did you get it to light up inside? I put up walls then put the roof on and it turns all dark inside and I can't see to work with the inside area.  I need a light fixture of some sort.  Or a glowing voxel that I can make a light fixture with.  Beautiful job you did on that build.  Azari.Lite 
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i can't give you directly the solution.
Tell this to the support or wait the next update.
The dev team know the problem.
I thinks you could have the necessary to change this in the next update.

If it's not the case, tell me in tweeter.
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Azari Lite
I know that skylights in the roof (or roof windows) and windows will be helpful.  But If I want to do several levels to a house or castle the bottom levels will be dark.  Maybe it is the time of day or I need to lighten up my screen a little. In any case I am sure they will give us light at some point.  There are lots of things to build in the mean time.  Thank you for your helpfulness. I still love your build great job. Azari.Lite 
Wizards should not be afraid of Dragons because they are dead
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