I'm having trouble running the example project. I first tried just running it, then I tried building and then running, then I tried the instructions in, but it just freezes up ue4. It just sits there, unresponsive, eating up CPU. I have a windows 10 with 8gb of ram and an i7.

How do I start debugging this? I'm not too familiar with C++ and VS2015, though I am very familiar with Java/eclipse and debugging in general.

I'm hoping to generate some weird asteroidlike or planetlike terrains (I already got my ue4 character walking around on the surface of a spheree). it seems like the terrain and generators are for mostly heightmap type terrains, so I'm guessing I want a Voxel Instance for my asteroids, unless I am missing something. 

Is it possible to do isosurfaces, like marching cubs or something? it seems like a good starting point for generating terrain is distance to origin + 3d perlin noise. I've gotten some interesting results with this and marching cubes to create a mesh, and I'm hoping that this is useful here. Just some general direction type tips would be helpful. Thanks!
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There is a known issue with UE4.12.5 that can cause this. This is not related to Voxel Farm but it happens with some of the assets found in the preview demo. Before pressing play, navigate to a mesh asset in the content browser. The bundle includes some trees from the unreal kite demo. You can open one of these, like a tree mesh, inside unreal by double clicking. Unreal will freeze again. Do not stop it. It is actually processing the asset. This could take hours. Once this finishes this will not happen the next time. Assets will load and play will get the full scene working.

You can create voxel objects in any shape, you do not need to perform marching cubes or any other isosurface extraction algorithm, Voxel Farm will do that for you. The general idea is you create a custom implementation of the IVoxelLayer interface. There you set voxel attributes like material per voxel, and the engine will create the meshes and mix the output with other voxel layers in real time, like the layer for user edits and destruction.

Some examples in the SDK implement IVoxelLayer. You can search for references to IVoxelLayer in the SDK project.
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Oh! Good to know!  I was actually using UE4.13.2, but I'll give it a shot... Yup, seems stuck on opening a scots pine. Good thing I have a multicore processor... 

>You can search for references to IVoxelLayer in the SDK project.

Alright, this seems to be exactly the direction I need! Now to figure out how to do in C++...  

Looking The octree page, it seems like I can set 20 bits for each axis, with 10 cm voxels and generate an 80km Miniplanet/Asteroid/Megatree/tangled mess of vines and still have 12km on each side as a buffer to build outrageous skyscrapers or something. With LOD 15, It will draw it all in ~3km chunks, so I can render the whole thing at once if I stand back far enough.  Does that sound right?
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