Is voxel structure supported:
1. multiplayer?
2. physics?
3. animations?

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Voxel Farm deals with the content of your scenes, that is the terrain and large structures that you want to be modifiable in real time like castle walls, towers, etc. It is not concerned with player and other animated entities like enemies or NPCs. That continues to work as with any regular UE4 project.

Voxel Farm has been used for multiplayer games before, including MMOs, however, there is no example showing multiplayer in UE at the moment.

Traditional physics are supported. You can have non-voxel actors reacting to the voxel content, so collisions between characters and voxel terrain and other content work as with regular content. In addition you have the option to enable voxel destruction physics. This is a system that identifies detached portions of contents and turns them into animated and physics-bound elements.
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You can email your questions to support at and we will take if from there.
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