This is a short video that demonstrates a few basic strengths of voxelfarm which I have determined to be the only viable voxel based terrain solution for my game development because of some fundamental reasons.

1.   It is incredibly fast
2.   View distance is always beyond horizon
3.  It is still under active development and support
4.  Textures are presented in high quality and blend well with each other
5.  Voxel World Persistance is built in and seems to be very efficient
6.  Likewise with physics, it's just too cool to blow up buildings shot by shot and watch the pieces fall individually as they break loose (sorry, I didn't fit that into this vid)

And I could likely include many more reasons, without much thought.

I used pretty basic assets along with some customization to get to this point. Main assets are Voxelfarm, UFPS, and UniStorm. I use Aquas water but have had some sticky issues with the camera setup conflicting mainly with UniStorm.

I'm customizing the inventory system, GUI, characters, weapons, gameobjects, and AI now so I thought it made sense to release this demo before getting to the point of having to consider what I could reveal.

Hope you like it, or that it helps you determine, like I did, that VoxelFarm is awesome!

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Thanks for the kind words! Clearly, you are making great progress and we would love to see more of that in the future.
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