I know there are a few ex. Landmarkians lurking about. I am thinking of diving in and having a play with VS. As the internets don't seem to be showing me much in the way of videos (or pics barring a few Twitter posts) can anyone show me some stuff they are building in VS?

I'm interested to hear how you are getting on making the switch. How are you finding setting up your own textures? Are the build tools pretty easy to use? And presumably more powerful? Any limitations that are preventing you making amazing builds? How is it not having props? Do meshes fill that void sufficiently? Or do you really need the Indie level package to be able to render scenes in your game engine of choice?
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There is one question above we can answer:

"Do you really need the Indie level package to be able to render scenes in your game engine of choice?"

The answer is yes, you need INDIE to get your content running inside the game engines.
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Thanks for the reply. I worded that poorly - what I was wondering was - are builders able to build a suitably good (approaching Landmark level?) build using just the VS basic version? Or do they feel that their build then needs to be imported into one of the game engines- to 'complete it' as it were.

I'l probably just buy the basic VS package and see what I can do with it.
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with the Creator licence , you can build the same architecture such as  on Landmark but without the props.

for test your build to an engine, you need to have the INDIE or PRO (doesn't work with Creator).

the game engine permets to complet your build with occlusion and ambiant light, Gameplay and props or animation.
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Azari Lite
I am Azari from Landmark I started in Alpha and I feel like I am back in Alpha only with more powerful tools.  In Landmark they dumb-ed the tools down for us. These tools are more powerful and a little tricky to get use to using. We must remember this is Voxels yes but a different Game/Toolbox to work with.  I loved Landmark as I am sure you guys did, but this is different and we need to treat it as such.  I can't answer all your questions but I can answer some, as I only have Voxel Studio so far.
Q) "Can anyone show me some stuff they are building in VS?"
A) I finally figured out how to make the windows I wanted to make and will be making some YouTube videos on how to make Windows and posting them here and on my YouTube site Azari.Lite. I will also be making other videos of what I am doing with Voxel Studio but have not got to it yet I am still trying to get better at moving around so I don't look like a klutz.  Hope you understand.

Q) "How you are getting on making the switch?"
A) The first day I watched video tutorials and played for a little while and got frustrated and quit. The second day I watched the videos again and figured some stuff out and played a little longer stopping to watch another tutorial and trying some more stuff. I tried Terra forming with some fun results but still can't figure out how to get the really nice textures from the flat building section into a cool Terra Formed Landscape.  They probably have a tutorial on it that I have not found yet.  All in due time.  I was having trouble making my windows and posted about and got an answer right away. All in all, this is an adventure and I am loving it we are actually helping them build a great game that will not go away like Landmark did.

Q) "How are you finding setting up your own textures?"
A) Well you are going to get a laugh out of this one. My first try at altering a texture that was in Voxel Studio.  The texture was awesome it has boards going horizontal so my bright idea was to select the whole thing and turn it vertically and save it under a new name and do the same to the blueish tile that goes with it. Well even though it says they are the same size some how they are not. Not knowing this I put them in with the other textures and crashed that build I did have backups of the build but wow kind of a shocker. Pays to have backups.   

Q) "Are the build tools pretty easy to use? And presumably more powerful?" 
A) No, if your in a Landmark mind set.  Yes, once you get to understand them and you get rid of the idea that you are back in Landmark because you are not in Landmark any more.  More powerful Yes and I can do stuff that I could not do in Landmark.  It is confusing at first but once you get the hang of it you will see all new ways to do stuff. I am still trying to erase some of the ways we did things in Landmark and open my mind to new ways of doing things. 

Q) "Any limitations that are preventing you making amazing builds?"  
A) I have a darn good gaming computer top of the line.  Voxel Studio pushed my Video Card to it's limits so playing for hours is probably not a great idea. If I want the video card to last.  Now I have an AMD card that I had used to replace my Nvidia card with because of price and the store did not have the Nvidia card I needed when my first card went out playing Landmark.  I really want to go back to Nvidia when this one dies so am looking for the right replacement card for when this one dies. Basically I would like a way to make smaller worlds thus cutting down on the strain on my video cards.  The other limitation is props (Lights) I haven't figured out how to put them in to my Voxel Studio game yet. I am sure they have a video on that some place but I have not found it yet.  I am sure they will come up with a way to get us some lights or some textures that will give off light so we can make our own lights. Then I will be able to build anything.

Q) "How is it not having props? Do meshes fill that void sufficiently?"
A) Not having props is not a problem except for no lights inside the structures, I can't see to decorate after I get the roof on. It is my thinking that Meshes should fill that void and at some point I will dig out my free copy of Blender or Wings 3D and learn how to use them and start making some kick but props and lights and see if they can be brought into Voxel Studio.  So this is the question that I could not really answer because I really do not know yet. Understand that I am very new at Voxel Studio and do not know what I am doing yet. But it is sure fun finding new ways to do stuff.  

Q) "Do you really need the Indie level package to be able to render scenes in your game engine of choice?"
A) I don't know, I am having so much fun in Voxel Studio finding new ways to do stuff and to build here in Voxel Studio it may be a long time before I figure that one out.

Ex. Landmarkian to Ex. Landmarkian Welcome Aboard.  I think you will love it as I do once you get the hang of it. Azari.Light

Wizards should not be afraid of Dragons because they are dead
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Thanks for the awesome feedback everyone! Sounds like it's really good - which is what I was expecting. I'm OK learning a whole new tool and am not too worried about how it's more like real 3d software than Landmark ever was. I've been playing in Maya - and just find myself modelling buildings anyway - so thought it's worth checking out VS. Sounds like I'll be able to do enough to keep busy for a long time.
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hi azarite,

when i m talking about game engine. i m talking about the UE4 or Unity. When you have indie version or Pro, you can create bundle of your build create in VoxelStudio and you can used this creation Inside a scene of Unity or UE4.
I m working actualy on UE4 engine to the render of my scene with props, if you have some question in this aspect, send me directly.

i m sorry for the light Inside the build, i can't explains here and directly what you need to do [biggrin].
But the VF team know the problem and i thinks you just need to wait the next update.

For the video of the website voxelfarm? it's probably more adapted for professionnal and when we have discovered a problem or not understand a situation.

For a beginnner, i thinks the best way to start with voxel studio, is:
Launch voxel  studio 3,
"New" alias new world project
"Next", select "workspace with materials" and "Next"
Select "finish"

you have a correct workspace to start to create and one correct list of materials (texture). To the left side, you have all the tool for create. To the top side, you have the option and/or the actions of the tool used.
If you need some explaination to the tool / option /actions, tell me.

My first recommandation is:
Remove the voxel Layers "Infinity plane".
It's in the left column , in "Project items" menu.
you select "voxel layers", "Terrain", "infinity plane".
Right mouse control on "Infinite plane" and "delete".

After you go to the top menu "Render"
You clic on refresh (this refresh can be used when you have badly crashed your render.exe, you can clic on to try to recreate it but you need to correct your problem in first. you can found tips of your problem Inside the Error Windows in the bot of Window's software) each time you add materials or something which is not Inside the workspace in the beginning of your session, you need to refresh. You need to refresh when you change setting or value in general.

now you have clear all, move the camera with the Left control mouse Inside render and found the grey column.
Pick the select tool (it is in the border of your render Windows) and create a small area (3 clic necessary to select area to define width height Depth).
you can move the face of the select area to be more larger ...Etc if you want to select an face behind, use "shift+clic" .
When you want to create, select fill in the HUD (small menu). To spawn this menu, you need to clic with the right mouse control inside the render windows.
If you have in material (?) select a material and fill after [smile].

you have a workspace area and optimized to don't use a lot of memory. 600 mo to the process of "render" is used in memory.
For my Roman Church, i need 1,2 Go of memory.

well i m sorry if you don't understand all. I m french and don't have a hight level in English :/.
tell me in tweeter if you need more detail.

Jadam11 @Deims11
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Azari Lite
Thank you both for your response.

Jadam your English is very good and totally understandable. I do not speak French so you are one up on me there. Good job and very helpful information. I thought it was wonderful that you had some light inside the structure. Nothing to be sorry about there, it is a good thing.  Thank you.

Lisc I am glad you liked my response to your many questions. I was trying to be as honest about my answers as possible as you wanted a true feeling of what the game or tool was like when you first step in to it. I am sure it will and is improving as time goes on.  The next update will be awesome and the one after that even more awesome and so on.  Thank you Azari.Lite
Wizards should not be afraid of Dragons because they are dead
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Well folks I played some Dual Universe pre-Alpha in the weekend and it got me keen for more Voxels so I finally got around to getting Voxel Studio. Looking forward to "going to the source" for a voxel building tool!
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