I was curious about ways to do Ore Veins in VF. I investigated the Caves extension and several other things, but I hadn't yet seen a simple in VF Studio way of doing it currently without writing code.  I love to be stretch the tools I have and see what is possible in the most basic approach possible. 

I found a simplistic way around the ore vein generation problem. 

Using just the GreenTerrain example project. 


For over simplification and demonstrative purposes, I am going to make everything grass material. 


I create a new Voxel Instance
I name it "Rock Vein" and reuse Rock1 vrle model for now.


I add a new planting rule "Plant the Ore"
I temporarily set the Minimum/Maximum Shift to something high for the following 2x photos.

NVIDIA Share_2017-12-14_20-11-34.png 

As you can see all the rocks floating above the grass because I had shifted upward the Rocks.

Now I flip the Shift value instead upward,  I shift all of it downward.


As you can see, I planted my 'ore veins' underground through the use of VF studio.  Without any code.

I could generate a large variety of permutations of what a 'vein' may look like instead of using this boulder.
I could even probably use Prefabs or other ways of approaching this voxel vein instance as well.

Limitations of this approach:
1. The planting rule appears to only have ways to 'reduce' placements.  Currently there is no way to 'amplify' the placement.   
2. There appears to be some kind of bounding box to prevent too close placement of this approach. I've found no way of disabling this as I'd want more placement closer/overlapping.  
3. Also it has limitations of verticality in placement (can't place vertical rocks above/below each other?)
Perhaps there is a simple way around this?

Obviously there are more advanced and far superior ways of doing ore veins. (e.g. Using extensions or in-game run-time placement)

I just wanted to see if I could have a simple approach to start with some basic testing. 
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