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About your game idea, let's see if we got this right: You want to have the same base geography with two very different sets of materials and instances applied to it. One set would be "night" and the other set would be "day".

If that assumption is correct, the next two immediate steps would be to create each one of these environments in isolation. We will discuss later how you can implement a switch between these two.

If the heightmap you sent here describes the elevation for your entire landmass, there are different ways to make this into your terrain. How large will this map be, in kilometers?
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Current heightmap is 16KM, plus height is 0-2600m. Both were wrong in the project you sent me but according to your guidance I managed to set it up accordingly. This heightmap is just one of the possible island layouts, the number of islands should be infinite(or very big) and each island should have that particularity.  I think I should focus on one single island(or biome) for the time being.

It's easy to picture. Call it light and darkness. Two different realms. I don't know if you ever player Legacy of Kain which also implements a similar mechanic. I want the night instance and the day instance to be different terrains, based on the same heightmap. This means that I want to change lots of things, mostly materials and vegetation but also the voxel types(minerals available etc). Probably late game tools or machinery will allow the player to transverse freely from one realm to the other(thus the need for the two instances to be always running and I do intend to use SpatialOS as soon as the UE sdk is released in march). Still the layout should be exactly the same and the player should recognize most of the landscape(as in dimensions, landmarks(landscape based as cliffs, mountains, rocks)).

The transition between both can't have a loading screen, but it's easy to add a few effects to hide the unloading and loading of voxels. Like I said, it's the players job to make sure he's ready for it, otherwise he might get buried, drown, fall to his death etc..

Also, where do meta-materials connect to? I'd probably prefer having this discussion in private, but given the nature of this community and since documentation and examples is what it's lacking the most, I think it's best to just leave this open for everyone so they can learn from this as well.
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I believe you are sharing too much of your game ideas here. It is best if we cover these topics in private. Please email us to support at

For anyone else following this topic, there are multiple tutorials already on how to create terrain:

Meta-materials at the moment are used only by the Meta-mesh component, which allows to use a low resolution mesh (instead of a heightmap) to define the terrain's base. This is how the Turtle Mountain from the demo was created. We are readying the tutorials on meta-meshes. Here is how a meta-material is created:

The next iteration for the heightmap terrain will allow to use Meta-materials. This will be most likely in Voxel Farm
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